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Can you train a cat? …… …. …the answer is…….

Can you train a cat?

Well can you train a cat? Yes. Of course you can train a cat. In fact a cat can easily be trained with clicker training just like a dog …or whale ….or lion or tiger ….and bears oh my…….So what am I saying? If you want to train your cat… or your dog or any animal…yes it works on people….learn the basics of clicker training. What is clicker training? It is simply teaching your pet when you like something and helping them learn to associate a word with a desired action. Putting it into practice …takes well…practice… but learning clicker training either with a experienced clicker trainer or with a training guide, system, or steps that shape the behaviors, can allow you to teach a animal to do tricks like you see at zoos, aquariums or on TV….And yes pee and poop on command. All without shock collars or pain. Just takes science.

Clicker training myths:

My pet will always need food to be good….100% FALSE. The food is just a reinforcement and is phased out and you won’t always need the clicker either. That being said it is still good to give your pet food as a treat once in a while when they do something you asked them to do (even if you don’t clicker train, if you ask your pet to do something reward them once in a while).

I should click at my pet A LOT if they are bad.…100% false, too often I see people with a clicker and they use it to “annoy” the pet when they do something the owner doesn’t like. This is just not the way clicker training works. EVERY time you click, your pet receives at least 1 small, or even tiny, food treat.

Even if you don’t utilize a clicker, learning clicker training basics will help you to understand most basic behaviors and how to modify them with positive techniques and I highly encourage any animal person to learn more about clicker training. Youtube, google search, amazon books or contact us for a one on one session.

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