Tours are available on Fridays by appointment via email. No children allowed during tours. Email your preferred Friday & time to

Why only Fridays? Because some cats get upset when a new human comes in their area and Friday is already a busy day normally with clients in and out.

A text description of the Feline Hotel:

As you enter the lobby, note the active bird feeders and large catnip bush. You will often see song birds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, and more at our feeders. Inside the lobby you can see our awards while you wait for your cat. All around you may notice the white boxes pugged in, including in the lobby, these are ozone free UV sanitizing lights. Past the lobby is our cat condo room. The condo room has a large front window with views of the bird feeders. There is also a TV in the condo room for the cats usually with birds playing on TV. We have 10 condos. Each cat in the condo area gets equal time outside their condo to play, how much time is somewhat dependent on how many cats are in the condo room, usually at least a couple hours of play time per day per condo cat. Condos are best for cats who need to be kept away from other cats. Around the corner through the condo room is the group area door. Our most popular area where cats are allowed to run free. Here there are 3 aquariums, a 65 inch cat tv, 4 foot cat wheel, over 150 feet of cat shelves attached to the walls and all along the ceiling, a large window with 2 shelves for watching the bird feeders, and more. The group area extends into another room in the middle of the building where two suites are located. There is a 3rd cat TV in the middle room along with cat trees and toys. The third suite is located inside the main group room near the front and has a view of the bird feeders. The Zen Cat Grooming Salon is just past the middle room. A room for overnight staff is connected to the group room.

If you have any questions please call 1 (888) 747 2287 or email

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