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**The Feline Hotel Terms of Service**

The Feline Hotel
1416 W Auburn Rd
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

To have your cat at The Feline Hotel, you must agree to the following terms:

1. **Pet Health:**
   You confirm that your cat is healthy. You promise to disclose any current
or past health issues to us.

2. **Nail Trimming:**
   For the safety of staff and other cats, please trim your cat’s
nails before arrival or have us trim them ($15), please tell us on
arrival if you have not trimmed your cat’s nails within the last 7

3. **Vaccination Records:**
   Provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations for Rabies and Distemper,
and clear tests for FIV, Feline Leukemia, and stool within the last 3
years. For older cats, proof of three complete past vaccinations is
acceptable, but recent tests for FIV, Feline Leukemia, and stool are
still required. Our on site vet can help with vaccines and tests if

4. **Outdoor Cats:**
   Cats with outdoor access must be on Revolution aka Revolt aka
Selamectin. This controls fleas, ticks, heartworms, roundworms, and
hookworms. Our vet has Revolt available for clients at a discounted

5. **Health Check at Check-In:**
   We check for signs of infection, fleas, and other health issues.
Cats with issues like loose stool, dark ear wax, or eye discharge must
have a vet’s note. If not provided, a on-site vet visit at your
expense ($40 to $65 + treatment) or refusal to board may occur.

6. **On-Site Veterinarian Care:**
   For your convenience, we have an on-call veterinarian available for
consultations and treatments. Consultations are $40 during regular
lobby hours and $65 afterhours. The services are not a substitute for
regular veterinary care. Any treatments or diagnostics performed by
the on-site vet will be billed to the pet owner. The Feline Hotel,
Feline Hotel Staff, the Veterinarian, and Veterinary Staff are not
liable for any adverse medical outcomes from treatments provided.

7. **Illness and Injury:**
   Cats may be unpredictable and owners are responsible for all costs,
including emergency medical care. We are not liable for any illness,
injury, or loss from your cat’s stay. You authorize us to obtain
veterinary care as we see fit and agree to cover all expenses.

8. **Spaying/Neutering:**
   Cats over 6 months must be spayed or neutered unless previously
arranged with us.

9. **Personal Items:**
   Any bedding or toys you provide are left at your own risk.

10. **Payment:**
    Boarding fees are due upon arrival. Pets will not be released
until full payment is received. Short extensions can be paid at
collection; longer extensions must be prepaid by card.

11. **Abandoned Pets:**
    If a pet is left for over 10 days past the pick-up date without
notification the pet will be surrendered to an emergency contact or
placed with a shelter or rescue. A $1,000 surrender fee and any other
costs will be added to your account and pursued in court.

12. **Photography:**
    We may take and use photos of your cat for marketing and social
media. Let us know if you do not want your cat’s photos used.

13. **Pick-Up Delays:**
    Inform us as soon as possible if there’s any delay in picking up your cat.

14. **Cancellations and Refunds:**
    We offer a full refund for cancellations with 15+ days’ notice, a
50% refund (we keep your deposit) for 6-14 days’ notice, and full
balance is due to us/no refund for less than 5 days’ notice.

15. **Changes to Terms:**
    We may update these terms at any time.

For any questions about these terms of service call 1 888 747 2287 or email