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We have 2 options for filling out a cat care form and agreeing to our terms of service…

Option 1: Print it with your printer or visit us and get a copy and fill it out with a pen.

Our Prefered Option 2: Fill it out online with our Google Form. Google Forms requires a Google account. You can make a Google account just for your pet if you like. Google forms is the “purrfurred” method. The form will save your answers and you can review or update them anytime as needed as long as you are logged into your google account. To fully complete the form you will need pictures or PDFs of veterinary records and to know the dates you will need cat care, you may also add this info to the form later. To get started filling out the cat care contract & agree to the ToS online with Google Forms please click here you can also visit this link anytime to review, update or add to your form answers.

If you would like to print and fill out a copy, our printable cat care contract can be found here

Terms of Service

The Feline Hotel 1416 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Pet owners must agree with the following to board at the Feline Hotel:

1.) The pet owner warrants that the animal(s) being boarded is/are in a fit and healthy condition. Owner will disclose any pet health concerns or past health issues or medical conditions. We ask you to trim your cat’s nails the day before or day of the first visit or have us help you trim them.

2).Veterinary records: we require proof all cats are currently vaccinated for Rabies & Distemper also called FVRCP and have clear tests on record for FIV, Feline Leukemia and stool parasites within the last 3 years.

*Cats who have access to the outdoors should be given Revolution or other dewormer and flea tick treatment before arrival. We will check for evidence of parasites like fleas and ear mites at the time of check-in, all cats must be free from internal and external parasites. Pets with loose stool must show proof of a recent clear fecal exams or be on a dewormer. Pets with green or yellow discharge from eyes or nose must show proof of a recent vet exam or recent note from the vet explaining the discharge. Failure to do so will result in us having a house call veterinarian visit at your expense (~$300) or a transition to at your home pet sitting, or refusal to board. If your cat is not current on the required vaccines or has signs of loose stool or any green/yellow liquid discharge from the eyes or nose, or black “dirt” (mites) in the ears, please arrange for these things to be checked at your regular veterinarian in advance of your cat’s boarding reservation. It is highly recommended you consult with your veterinarian to see if they recommend your cats also be vaccinated for bordetella, feline leukemia and/or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). A list of local veterinarians can be found on our website at Please upload your veterinary records to us via our Google form or send via email If your cat has had a history of any ongoing medical issue please provide any related veterinary records from when the issue started.

3.) Whilst every care will be given to pets, and because of the random nature of pets, we will not be held responsible for any illness, injury, loss or damage to the pets, however caused, during their stay. Boarding is entirely at the owner’s risk. Any veterinary treatment will be at the owner’s expense. Owner agrees to pay any veterinary bills incurred immediately upon return for pick up.

4.)  All cats over 6 months should be spayed or neutered. No intact cats over the age of 6 months will be accepted for boarding unless approved in advance.

5.) Any bedding or toys supplied by the owner are left at the owner’s risk.

6.) Boarding fees are due when arriving in full. No pets will be released until full and final payment has been received. Short extensions of up to 3 days can be paid at the time of collection. Extensions of 4 days or more must be paid for at the time the term is requested by PayPal.

Any pet left for more than 10 days past pickup date without notice will be surrendered to any emergency contact listed. If your emergency contact doesn’t respond within 72 hours we will surrender your pet to a no kill shelter or a non profit animal rescue group at our discretion. If your pet is surrendered, a surrender charge of $1000.00 will be added to your account, along with any additional fees incurred from the surrender or collections process, any unpaid boarding fees, and your account will go to immediate court collections with any extra fees or costs incurred via our attorney for the court collections process added to your balance.  

7.) At times, we may take photographs of your pets to use for marketing, social media, etc. Photographs will be of the pet(s) only and there will be no breach of privacy (your name will never be disclosed in pet photographs). If you do not want pictures of your pets published please let us know.

8.) In the event of any delay in picking up, notification must be given at the earliest opportunity.

9.) Cancellations and Refunds: We aim to be flexible with cancellations but please understand that we arrange our schedules and available cat spaces based on your requests. If you cancel with little or no notice we are limited on the ability to take on another client. Please keep the following guidelines in mind regarding cancellations: Canceling any pet care or boarding service: 100% refund with 15 days or more notice; 50% refund with 14 days to 6 days notice, 0% refund with 5 or less days notice.

10.) We reserve the right to add, change, or modify these Terms of Service at any time.

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