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What’s one of the big differences between the Feline Hotel and other cat boarding places?
Individual attention in a group setting. We specialize in letting cats be free …and no dogs. In fact we are the only cat boarding facility in the area that doesn’t also take dogs.

What makes us better?
Because of our decades of animal experience, we believe we are more likely to know how to properly respond to any issue that could arise...also no dogs.

Why choose The Feline Hotel?
There are many reasons, though our favorite is Peace of mind. We hope you can relax knowing your cats are staying with us. We hope you take more vacations now that you found us.

From the owner: Rates are reflected in our experience. With over 20 years of professional pet sitter experience, I understand how important it is to make the right choice when it comes to your pet’s safety and wellbeing. We are trained in Cat first aid and CPR at the Feline Hotel. As a certified pet first aid instructor for over 10 years I have trained hundreds of pet owners and first responders in both cat and dog CPR and first aid techniques. As a volunteer animal trainer for multiple humane societies and in working extensively with clicker training, I have learned that cats are (almost) as easy to train as dogs with the right techniques. I have trained cats and dogs to be certified therapy animals and graduated multiple animals through various training programs. I understand a wide variety of animal behavior modification techniques and have worked extensively in the field applying my skillset. At the Feline Hotel, we are dedicated to knowing each cat for their own special story and nurturing their health, playfulness, and spirit. Because every cat matters. Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason, my direct email: micathotel@gmail.com

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Cat Sitting Services | Cat Boarding Rates & Services

Rates for our professional Cat Boarding services:

Group Cat Boarding Room Slot: A space for your cat in our cats only free roaming group cat “clowder” play and stay room. Designed for cats by a cat expert our group “clowder” room features over a hundred feet of elevated cat shelves, window shelves, live fish aquariums, active bird feeders, cat tv, and lots of cozy spaces.
$30 per day

Private Cat Condo: Individual cat condos in our front sunroom. Condo cats get a great view of the outside with large windows and active bird feeders. Each cat gets their own hammock, cubby bed, toys, food, water, and litter box. Cats are allowed playtime outside the condo at least 2 times a day for at least a couple hours at a time with staff but no other cats. Ai litter monitor available for cats in condos. Condos are best for diabetic cats, cats who don’t like other cats, and cats on strict diets.
$40 per day

Private Cat Boarding Suites: A private space for your cat with lower and upper levels. Features private litter box, cat tree, scratcher, and window shelf. *AI litter monitor available. Best for diabetic cats, cats who don’t like other cats, and cats on strict diets. Cats in suites can have play time with group cats if you wish.
$55 per day for the 1st cat in a suite.
$25 per additional cat in same private suite, up to 3 total.

Pet Sitting for Cats in your home for Rochester Hills, Rochester, Auburn Hills, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Sterling Heights and nearby areas $40 a visit. Unlimited number of cats.

Pet Taxi $40

Medication Administration: Medication in food: FREE ….Medication by injection: $10 ….Medication in mouth $5

Nail Trims & Grooming Walk in nail trims available on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm $15. See the grooming website for other days and other grooming services like baths and lions cuts. www.zencatgroomingspa.com

*AI monitor for urinary and digestive blockages or issues. A highly precise digital scale with AI and app for your cats litter box, available to cats in condo or suite. Tracks litter box use and alerts staff to possible issues. Great for cats with past or current urinary or bowel issues. $5 per day

Kittens under 5 months add $10 per day
Large cats over 15lbs add $5 per day

SAVE: Senior 55+ OR Veterans discount of 10% may be applied to any boarding service with ID, just tell us you qualify & we will update your account for a automatic 10% savings on every boarding or grooming service.

We require a 50% deposit when scheduling and accept cash, checks, and debit or credit cards in purrson or online, the deposit is subject to our cancellation fee.

Other Fees:

Cancellations and refundsCanceling any pet care or boarding service: 100% refund of any days booked with 15 days or more notice; 50% refund of total for any day within 14 days to 0 days notice, this will be applied to your deposit.

On-Site Vet Exam: Our Veterinary Concierge has over 40 years of experience. Click here for more information and a menu of vet services available at the Feline Hotel. Exam fees $40 to $65

Offsite Veterinary Appointment & Taxi: If your cats needs to go to the ER, your local vet or another vet office in the area. $20 per 15 minutes plus $1 per mile from 1416 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills, 48309

Returned checks $35 + any fees

Abandonment Fee: If a pet is left for more than 10 days past the agreed pickup date without notice from you or a emergency contact a minimum $1000.00 surrendered pet fee will be added to your account. The Feline Hotel reserves the right to surrender the pet to an emergency contact listed by the owner. If a emergency contact does not respond within 5 days, then the Feline Hotel may surrender the pet to a no-kill shelter, a non-profit animal rescue group, or any other group, organization or person at the discretion of the Feline Hotel. In such cases, a surrendered pet fee of $1000.00 will be added to the owner’s account, along with any additional fees incurred from the surrender or collections process, unpaid boarding fees, court collections and attorney fees.

We accept all major credit and debit cards online and in person. We also accept cash or checks.

Click here to Contact us anytime, or email micathotel@gmail.com or call 248.470.3013 …or click here to sign up right meow online