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Our Cat boarding service is Located at: 1416 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills Michigan 48309

100% just for cats! We are available 24/7 to provide the best care for your felines! When you need to go out of town on vacation or for work we are here for you.

Best Cat Boarding Service! Why choose us?

  • First…We love cats. We have had many cats over the years personally. We have adopted cats and kittens from the streets, from shelters, and from breeders.
  • We are also certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. We have trained 100’s of local pet lovers in pet first aid. Knowing pet first aid is one of the biggest differences you can make in a pets life.
  • We have been named best pet sitter by Tails magazine and we have won other pet sitter awards.
  • We have over 20 years of professional pet sitter experience and have completed well over 10,000 pet sitter visits.
  • We have served as volunteers for multiple humane societies. We have volunteered as a shelter dog trainer for the Michigan Humane Society in Westland and a shelter cat “cuddler” for the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor.
  • We’ve even volunteered at a big cat sanctuary. It’s easy to see the connections from domestic cats to big cats when you work with both of them.
  • Most importantly, we are dedicated to making your cats stay the best experience possible.

    *Is pet first aid training important? We think it is one of the most important things for a pet owner or pet worker to be trained in. Due to our pet first aid training, we believe our staff is more likely to recognize a medical issue early on and we are more likely to properly respond to the medical issue. We are virtually surrounded by veterinary clinics, many within a few miles in case a veterinary consult is needed. Our cat boarding facility has a dedicated ventilation system and reverse osmosis water system to help keep the kitties healthy. Staffed around the clock we are here for your cats safety and well being. We are dedicated to being available to help when you and your cats need us.
The Feline Hotel, Cat Boarding in Rochester Hills
1416 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309
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Cat Boarding in Rochester Hills

Every day, every cat at the Feline Hotel gets individual attention and play time. Cats staying in our private suites get a minimum of 3 play times a day morning, afternoon, and evening…additional play times if you think they are needed are only $10. Cats in the group rooms have additional playtime through out the day and evening. During pet sitting visits playtime is included providing the best cat boarding experience. We often will use chase toys like feathers on a string and we encourage you to bring your cats favorite toys too.

Feeding in our ultra large suites is on a per suite basis and we will follow your normal feeding routine. Feeding for group room guests is open feeding and guests may sample other guests food, though staff will attempt to allow for unfettered access to a guests own food supply. We follow your feeding instructions as written in your pet profile. Fresh water is always available. Water is filtered by reverse osmosis for virtually pure water.

Does your pet need medications? We are experienced with almost all medications for felines. We welcome all medication requests including injections like insulin or sub Q fluids, we can do manual pilling, and any other medically necessary request. Please indicate your pets medical needs when contacting us.

Cat Boarding in the Detroit area with the Best Prices

Senior and Veterans ask for your discount.

Need to board your cat? Contact us as soon as you know you need service. Remember, we would love to have your cat stay with us, but we are limited on space. Payments can be made online by credit or debit card, just ask for a email invoice or you can pay in person via cash or check. Rates can be found here.

(248) 470-3013


1416 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Cat Boarding in Detroit with Best Prices
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